I was able to do this drawing as a school project. It's my first "artsy" piece with wild colors and brush strokes. I used crazy looking Photoshop brushes I've downloaded, which is a change for me since I'm addicted to airbrush (which I still used to paint MJ).

For the pose, I used his 1995 MTV Award performance (found on Youtube) and paused it when he flips back his jacket during the Billie Jean number. I drew his face and hair using multiple references. For me that's the classic MJ.

To be honest, I had forgotten what an amazing performer he was and since his passing, I'm literally rediscovering him.

Michael Jackson was a huge part of my childhood. I remember dancing with two of my friends to Beat It and Bad on a driveway, at night. We would take turn dancing in the middle and being Michael and we would imagine wearing the "Thriller jacket". We had so much fun! 

This drawing is an hommage to the man and the artist who has brought me so much joy throughout the years. Thank you for the music and the dancing, thank you for the memories...

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