I've just learned my "Billie Jean" drawing made it into Anne Peters' Moonwalk Through Art; an art book devoted to one of the most incredible artist in entertainment history : Michael Jackson.

Link : http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/875354

From the author, Anne Peters : 

"I was surfing on the internet when I noticed almost every single fan came up with ideas for projects to support charity in the name of Michael. But many ideas also ended there. That is why I started thinking about something. And I came up with the idea to create this book. Michael loved books and Michael loved art. So it had to be a book about art. Michael loved his fans so I had to give fans the opportunity to be a part of it. And then the last but the most important thing: it had to contain Michael’s messages so they will live on forever. And not only it had to contain his messages but I also wanted it to be a 100% non-profit so the little financial profit I will make out of this will go to charity. One Michael would have loved: a children's hospice. You can find more about the hospice in the back of this book.

So I started to contact fans all over the world with the question: Do you have poems, paintings, drawings, pictures that you want to donate for my project? The results were impressive. And now, finally this book is lying in front of you.

Michael once said: "I love the celebration of music, dance and art. I just love it." So let's celebrate Michael's life, music, dance... and let's celebrate art, because we love it too!"

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Ben Heine a dit…

J'adore ton travail!!! BRAVO

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